Sadly, when I hear the word ‘possibilities’, the first thing I think of are Campbell’s Soup ads. I was never really sure why that was their jingle. I mean sure, there are lots of different types of soup. But do any of them taste good?

There are always lots of possibilities, even if some of them don’t work. There are possibilities even when it feels like there aren’t any, like in the middle of the winter when you’re snowed in to your house and haven’t showered in three days. It doesn’t feel like anything exciting is going to happen then. It might. But it doesn’t feel like it. 

Cover Art by Rio Alvarado, Poetry Editor

At certain times, however, it feels like all the possibilities in the world are opening up. For example, in April, when it’s just starting to get warm (well, it’s been warm since February this year, but now it feels like it’s officially spring!), it’s spring break, and there are only 61 days left until the end of the year (not like anyone’s counting). April reminds me of sitting down before a clunky old desktop computer when I was six years old and discovering Microsoft Word. I realized that I could type WHATEVER I WANTED (at the pace of one letter every three minutes). I mean literally. A story about a flying cow. Or a family of dragons. Or anything. I could even write a story about Campbell’s Soup if I wanted to! 

Kayleigh Rhatigan, Prose Editor
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TRILL Magazine is one of those outlets that poses as a mirror for the amazing writers who need to see the potential within themselves. The mirror is hanging on the wall. All that is needed is your reflection. So, get out there artists of all categories and show the world what you're made of. What can possibly hold you back?

Cover Art by Aidan Weaver, Dgital Arts Editor

I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about who I am. I mean, when I think of identity, the first thing I want to say is how strong I am as a black woman. You know what? I’m completely sick of that automatic answer. Yes, I am a strong black woman but I think that’s a given to any woman whose skin is pigmented brown. I’ve always balanced in the gray area of who society expects me to be. Fitting in is never an option. I’m either two shades too light to hang with the “Real-Gangster” people or four shades too dark to hang with the “Light-Skinned-Supremacists.” 

I figured out a long time ago that it was completely useless to try to be someone else, so I attempted to be Shanita. That worked all the way up until the day my sister told me I was an Oreo; black on the outside, white on the inside. So, for about five years I tried to be what everyone else told me to be. I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t anyone. Then one day I started writing. That day, I found my voice, and now I one-eighty the status quo. I stick to what I know. And now, I’m strictly Nita. I think I’ll stay that way for a while.

Shanita Jackson, Spoken Word Editor
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What's up kids? First of all, welcome, ladiezzz + gents, to this most auspicious first issue of TRILL Magazine. If you were wondering, we’re an arts magazine specific for all of you (yes, even you hooligans). We are a group of teenagers (and our rad publishing managers, Marie and Janet), who get together and put together a collection of work submitted by y’all, the teenage artists. 

Collage Cover Art by Maren Hurley, Visual Arts Editor

I am your Visual Arts editor, and I like taking photographs (check out my photography blog), dancing, and eating copious amounts of Girl Scout cookies. Also on staff is Shanita, our Spoken Word editor, Will, our Music editor, Rio, our Poetry editor, and Aidan, our Digital Arts editor. We're hoping there will be some of you out there who want to get in on the fun and join our creative staff or become a regular guest blogger -- got a particular passion for theater or dance, love to spout off about the latest book you read, call yourself an indie-film freak or do you just want to share random thoughts about the creativity that you see around you, or maybe that only you can see?? Just send us your idea: or sign up to write your own blog HERE.

To bring it all home, we’re looking forward to bringing you art, exposure, inspiration, knowledge, and all that jazz. Enjoy TRILL's first issue and let us know what you think! You can comment here or on any of our blogs -- yes, we do check out the comments before they are posted -- so keep it clean and constructive -- but don't be afraid to state exactly what you think. And be sure to submit for next month. So for now friends, enjoy, get inspired and get pumped. Have an awesome day -- keep it true. Keep it real. 

Maren HurleyVisual Arts Editor
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