_I am quietly sitting in my own little world. That is, the back of my parent’s car as we’re making a road trip to Nashville. Headphones enclose my primary gateway to the outside world: my ears. While I could be hearing my parents talk in disgust about an incapable truck driver a couple of yards in front of us, I’m lost observing the scenery of the fall colors in the trees and Appalachian mountains.

My Soundtrack: Radiohead, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Leonard Cohen. While most of my friends would probably turn on the FM radio and listen to the latest Nicki Minaj single or some ancient Christmas Jingle redone on Justin Beiber’s new Christmas album, I’m busy going through my library and listening to songs such as “House of Cards”, “Mrs. Robinson”, “And She Was”, and “Hallelujah”.

My name is Will. I’m writing this because I want people to know that I’m not like most kids. I’ve known this since the 5th grade when I was listening to Duke Ellington more than anyone else (including my teachers). My journey through life has always been encompassed by sound.  Whether it’s the simply the trees rustling in the forest as birds hop from branch to branch, or the complex masterpiece that is the “Abbey Road” album, sound and its glories are the primary reasons why my life is purposeful. I hope you will agree with me.

Someone once told me, “Only the thoughts documented are the thoughts worth spreading." These are my documentations I hope to be worth spreading. I want yours, too. If sound affects you as it affects me, please tell me your story, your comments, or just songs you find interesting. I love hearing new ideas, and I’d love to share yours with the world. Leave a comment or e-mail me at music@trillmagazine.org with the subject titled “TRILL Tunes Submission”, and I’ll give it a look!